Saturday, February 26, 2011

10-Minute Presentation On The Company Of Job

"Shortly after the beginning of the year 2006, I emerged from my man-cave with a stack of paper. I handed it to my wife and said "I've written an opera." She gave me a quzzical look and I said, "But it needs music." She gave me an incredulous look and said, "So what are you telling me for?"

So began a journey... a journey of faith, to be sure, but also a journey of trial and error... of anticipation and frustration; a journey on which we would meet some of the most gifted, talented, and broken people you can imagine... people whose personal lives were testaments to the fact that this world is full of pain and suffering; and it is also full of compassion and grace... people who longed to be a part of something that is so incredible the only fitting word for it is — divine.

Such is the story of Job; an ancient tale that transcends the bounds of time or place... a tale that is as real and relevant today as it was when its unknown author first put it into writing thousands of years ago.

The story of Job is the story of every man... every woman... every child... who ever suffered and in that regard, it is truly every man's story.

Job was a man who was, by all accounts, very, wealthy.

He had vast holdings of real estate, which he leveraged to produce crops... which he sold to feed both local and far-ranging populace.

He had a diverse portfolio in the stock market of his day in the form of oxen, camels, and sheep (and, presumably, many other animals); working animals used to plant and harvest his crops, transport them to distant regions to sell, and even produce meat and clothing for his family and community.

Job had a large family, an extensive household of servants, and he was a well-respected pillar of his community.

But then... one day... he lost it all. In one day... blow after crippling blow destroyed his crops, his livestock, his servants, and finally... his ten children.

Political upheavals... invading armies... natural disasters... does this story sound familiar? Does it sound relevant? Does it sound like it's just a story of ancient times? Or does this sound like a story worth telling today... and tomorrow?

We believe this is story worth telling and The Company of Job has been formed to tell Job's story.

Our desire... is to find the music that lives within the poetry of Job and to let the story speak for itself.

Our mission... is bring the story of Job to life on the musical stage, to tell about real suffering in our world today, and to donate our profits to organizations that help to relieve that suffering.

Our Hope... is that you will help us to do these things."

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